· How would you apply on any existing real world business?

Business Consulting Assignment:


·      What did you learn from those aspects?

·      How would you apply on any existing real world business?

·      Write some predictions about future developments in the industry for each of those aspects.

·      New market opportunity that you’ve identified based on these aspects.

·      As a new business consultant, figure our new approach to consulting for these aspects.

·      Develop and support your report as if your paper would be published in a trade magazine on consulting.


·      Report needs to APA format. Please include all the references.

·      Make sure your references you are using are supporting your argument and more meaningful and right places.

·      No plagiarism. Please include Turnitin plagiarism report along with answer.

·      2000 words excluding cover page and references.

·      Add real life examples to support your content.

·      Content needs to be in Academic level English. Best quality and meaningful.

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