3 Differing Data Uses and Healthcare Acumen

Health data can be classified into a variety of categories and it is vital that professionals in this venue understand differences and the agencies that govern them. Complete textbook exercise 4-1, page 81, and exercise 4-2, page 93 in one document and submit your work in this drop box. The assignment should be submitted as a Word document in a Q&A response format.


Understanding Filing Systems and Their Requirements

This is a two-part assignment:

Part One: Create an Excel spreadsheet and compare and contrast the alphabetic and numeric filing systems. Use the following as headings in your spreadsheet: Similarities, Differences, Advantages, and Disadvantages. For instructions on how to create a table in Excel, please visit this link.

Then, copy and paste your spreadsheet into a Word document and complete part two of the assignment. For instructions on how to do this, please visit this link.

Part Two: Complete textbook exercise 7-1, page 229; exercise 7-3, page 239; and exercise 7-5, page 247 in a single Word document and submit in this dropbox.


Indexes, Registries, and Health Data Collection

This assignment assesses retention of knowledge regarding indexes, registries, and the overall health data collection process in healthcare.

Complete textbook exercise 8-1, page 261; exercise 8-2, page 268; and exercise 8-4, page 278, and submit your work in one Word document in this dropbox.

The assignment should be submitted as a Word document in a Q&A response format.


EHR Evolution, Legal and Regulatory Terminology, HIPAA, and Legislation Impacts

Electronic Health Records have undergone a tremendous evolution in their short existence in healthcare. As technology continues to evolve, it is incredibly important that professionals in this industry understand where, and why, EHRs continue to evolve. Privacy, security, legal, and regulatory requirements are a very large part of how healthcare is delivered in the United States. How we collect data is directly influenced by these requirements, so we must reflect on their impacts.

Complete the following textbook exercises in a single document:

·           5-1, page 119

·           9-1, page 287

·           9-3, page 300

·           9-4, page 304

The assignment should be submitted as a Word document in a Q&A response format.

the name of the book is health information management.

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