300 word only

due in 9 hours from now.

please make the paper summrize from the chapter as much you can. 

Please use this space to post your first Reaction Paper (RP) related to the first chapters of both of your textbooks.

Please remember that RPs need to be approximately 250 – 300 words each and focused on some portion of the readings due for that week. Remember, these aren’t summaries, but a chance for you to analyze the reading material. The length is also important – keep this in mind as you determine the scope of what you include in your paper. You may look at one specific passage or patterns that emerge from both textbooks.

There are a number of different formats you can use to create RPs. For example, you may wish to construct your RP as:

  1. A letter to author(s) or a colleague or an imaginary person from your first-person perspective.
  2. A first person journal-type entry.
  3.  A list of questions you developed while reading the material.
  4. An analysis of the readings (a third-person perspective).


Submit your assignment as a Word document by clicking the assignment topic link above.

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