500 word eco vista analysis paper

Finding ways to make “Isla Vista” a more eco and environmentally friendly place through Organizing and Outreach.

Minimum 500 words

Must include a introduction, body, and concluding

  • Ambassador system, get a bunch of students to spread word by mouth-similar to block. Get friends on board
  • Online platform- online forums or DIY videos, Facebook group. Become the resource so people know where to reach out to. Email to all students about groups
  • We only found out about Eco Vista because of this class- maybe add more classes that discusses EcoVista
  • School and community outreach, co-op and parks and rec
  • Incentives- internship, community service
  • Isla Vista currency, people do good acts and that gives them currency to use (will be difficult though). Farmer’s market near Costco does this
  • Fun events, family related, food, get educated, prizes
  • Target toward family community because they stay here instead of leaving every four years
  • Spread to schools, get people involved who have children
  • More meetings so people who work during the day can come, offer more meetings
  • Show films at IV theater about climate change, offer extra credit to classes
  • Ucsb students in clubs need points for funding, could implement more community based events for points. Support community more than other club teams
  • Tapping into Gaucho FYI, include more about Isla Vista in general
  • Social media
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