6 8 page analysis paper

Utilizing the book This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism by Ashton Applewhite,each student is to select a chapter from the book:

Chapter 1: “Where Ageism Comes From and What it Does”

The final paper should be at least 6 to 8 pages long and is due attached to Canvas, by Sunday, 7/21 by 11:30 p.m. It should have a cover sheet that includes Title of Paper, name of class, date submitted and name of instructor.

Paper should be double spaced in 10 or 12 point font. The paper should be written in American Psychological Association formatting (APA) and include a reference page.

This paper is worth 100 points:

60 points for contents

15 points for organization

25 points for grammar, spelling and sentence structure





Using the information from above, please provide information as indicated below in the outline, using subtitles in your paper, but do not use outline numbering or lettering in your paper. Subtitles should be underlined and may be in bold and at the left hand side of the paper with the paragraph starting directly below after indenting five spaces.To write your paper, you will provide the information requested in each section but not use the numbering; just subtitles, underlined and in bold at the left hand margin.

I. Title: This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism Analysis Paper; ________________ (this can be a subtitle covering what you have selected to analyze if you want to include that in the title)

II. Introduction

This is an analysis paper utilizing Harris (2007) and Sociology, Psychology and ________ academic literature to analyze Chapter 5: “No Expiration Date: Sex and Intimacy” from Applewhite (2019). In my paper, I will first provide a summary of the chapter, followed by a literature review of my topics; Sexuality in the Aging Years, Different Forms of Intimacy and Public and Private Perception of Intimacy in the Later Years. Finally, I will utilize my academic literature to conduct an analysis of Applewhite’s Chapter 5 “No Expiration Date: Sex and Intimacy.”

III. Summary of “No Expiration Date: Sex and Intimacy”

Using the above as the subtitle, I would then come down, indent five spaces over and summarize the highlights of the chapter that I find the most interesting.

IIII. Literature Review

In this section, you would begin to discuss the academic literature that you found related to the topics that you chose to discuss from your selected chapter. You can have subtitles.

Sexuality in the Later Years

You would then bring in literature from your sources that discuss information and statistics regarding older sexuality, perhaps STDs, how sex changes overtime, having to learn about dating and protection in today’s society, etc.

Different Forms of Intimacy

Bring in more literature here for this sub-topic

Public and Private Perception of Intimacy in the Later Years

Bring in more literature here for this sub-topic

V. Analysis

This is where you bring together the information from the chapter summary and

your literature review to show where the two agree or compare and contrast. In other words, does the information in Ms. Applewhite’s book agree with the scientifically collected literature you found. For example, “Just as Applewhite (2019) indicated that sexuality can continue throughout life, Riley (2009) stated that although sexuality may change in old age and medications may impact upon attaining and maintaining an erection, as long as health and desire hold out, sexuality can continue throughout life.”

So, you would go throughout your chapter summary and literature and bring together information on the same topics (which was the point of the literature review to find literature on the same topics) and discuss how they are similar or dissimilar). Be sure to cite (author, year and if you are using exact quotes, put in quote marks and give page numbers).

VI. Summary

This is when you go back through the entire paper and summarize all sections

briefly, replaying what you told me again, ending with your personal opinions. This is the only time you get to give your personal opinions of the topics. The rest of the paper should all be factual and from your sources.

I have already got my 3 sources and my outline of the paper. I will post it right below for you to use

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