a brief research about leonardo da vinci 1

Minimum 600 words

Please avoid plagiarism

Please use simple words

The topic is about Leonardo da Vinci

The outline and abstract Are essential and in a different files.

Proper citation please.

APA format.

Prepare an outline for your midterm paper and post as a document.

General plan: Think about five issues:

the scientist,

distinctive personal features,

overview of the science work,

scientific importance

and impact on society – then and now.

Include at least two references for your ongoing work..

Each of these five items can be expanded to about one page in your paper.

The abstract is formed by a compilation of a sentencecovering each part of the paper.


Explore the work of a specific scientist

Post the final paper as a file to this Canvas item.

The paper is the DSL 100 Written Assignment.

Assessment theme: Describe this work in the context of the history of science.

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