a case about best buy

Structure: 1. Background, 2. Key Issues, 3. Risk, 4. Recommendations, and Detailed Support for Any Recommendations.

1.Case papers should address the key issues that pertain to the financial strategy and then make clear recommendations with as much support as possible.

2.Papers should be no more than three double spaced pages (not including exhibits) and include a cover page with your name, the date, the course number, and the title of the assignment (case name).

3.Papers should be organized into specific sections.For example, Background, Key Issues, Risk, Recommendations, and Detailed Support for Any Recommendations.

4.Late Papers will not be accepted.

5.Your grade will depend on how well you identify the issues and argue your recommendation.

6.All Footnotes and References Must use the APA Format.

If you do not know what this format is, check www.apa.org

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