analysis paper franchise bakeries are not guaranteed more success than an independent business

To write an analysis paper on about having a franchise bakery isn’t guaranteed more success than an independent bakery business.

Something to think about when writing are: Is the outcome more rewarding if you were to become a franchise? Support with a franchise bakery customer expect the same level of consistent quality at all locations. Also prove that having a franchise give a person the ability to successfully develop business strategies, products, branding and marketing materials. Discuss the independent side of having your own bakery. Having your own business you would have complete creative control with your day to day operations and benefits of having a local business to that neighborhood. ( Just an idea about what I want don’t have to use these point of views)

The introduction paragraph should include a “hook.” Please have thesis in the first paragraph. Use credible sources and cite APA format. This essay will start with a counter-argument in which to introduce and provide support for a contradictory point of view. Following the counterargument, you will provide rebuttal, in which you explain why your initial point of view is more compelling than the counter-argument. You should use credible sources and cite them according to the style of your discipline. The conclusion to this paper should restate the strongest points from your argument, mention the counter-argument, and then reinforce the conclusion while giving the reader something to think about moving forward.


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