anatomy 1 bsc2085

In this report, use your knowledge from the unit 3 report and describe in detail on what nerve innervates those muscles/groups of muscle to produce the following movements

1. Stand up from a sitting position

    1. Example:When standing up the Iliacus and Psoas major are innervated by the Femoral nerve, whichflexes the hip jont (TeachMeAnatomy- Lower Limbs). The extension of the hip joint iscaused by the movement of the Gluteal maximus which is innervated by the Inferior GlutealNerve, the Gluteal medius and Gluteal minimus which is innervated Superior Gluteal Nerve,and the Biceps femoris, Semitendinosus, and Semimembranosus muscles which areinnervated by the Tibial part of the sciatic nerve (TeachMeAnatomy- Lower Limbs). Theextension of the knee joint the Vastus lateralis, Vastus medials, Vastus intermedius, andRectus femoris muscle are innervated the Femoral Nerve (TeachMeAnatomy- Lower Limbs).2. While standing upright, turn around 180 degrees to face opposite direction3. Jumping over the couch and taking several steps forward4. Reach forward and grasp a door knob5. Turn a door knob 180 degrees clockwise6. Sit down in a chair7. Grasp the chopsticks8. Raise the chicken and rice from a bowl to mouth9. Bite, chew and then swallow a portion of the food

    Part B. 1. Which cranial nerve affects taste?

    2. Which cranial nerve is concerned with the maintenance of balance?

    Part C. On the way to the doorknob, Matt stepped on a sharp nail. 1. What type of reflex will he trigger?

    2. Describe the pathway from stepping on the nail to withdrawing his foot from the stimulus.

    All reports will be worth 4% of your grade and will be 5 points each. In order to successfully earn all 5 points you will need to:

    1. Answer all questions thoroughly and completely.

    2. Use at LEAST 3 different references (can include information from the Primal website as a source). The references needs to be listed in a “Works Cited” section at the end of the report. Please note: Wikipedia does not count as a reference.

    3. Give credit to all sources used- citing correctly and PARAPHRASING any information taken from an outside source. Please do not copy and paste any information, even if you cite the source. Your report will be submitted through Turnitin and will allow us to see what sources were used and the exact information you took from that source- BE CAREFUL!

    4. Must have a minimum of 500 words and can be in essay form OR question and answer form. (500 words not including the topic/questions given)

    5. Must be turned in at 11.59 PM on the date it is due. PLEASE avoid turning in your report close to the 11.59 PM deadline. There have been many issues with submissions in the past due to high volume of students submitting at the same time. Late assignments will be deducted 2.5 points.

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