Annotated Bibliography –

Competency 608.3.1: Creating an Annotated Bibliography – The graduate prepares an annotated bibliography of representative works on educational theory, trends, and practices.

Objective 608.3.1-01: Select works representing a variety of areas and perspectives in educational theory, trends, and practices.

Objective 608.3.1-02: Cite a variety of source materials using proper American Psychological Association (APA) reference list citation format.

Objective 608.3.1-03: Enhance bibliographic listings with appropriate annotations.


The goal of the Educational Thought Seminar is to expose students to literature from a variety of perspectives on education that will challenge their perspectives regarding:

  • Diversity and issues of fairness
  • Alternative viewpoints and voices in education
  • Changing demographics in educational institutions
  • Future trends in education
  • Personal visions of “what if?”

The goal of the annotated bibliography is to encourage students to expand their knowledge and broaden their perspectives of educational theory, trends, and perspectives.



A. Create an annotated bibliography (minimum of 50) that represents a variety of perspectives on:


1.  Educational Theory

2.  Educational Trends

3.  Educational Practices


B. Include the following reference types:


1.  At least 90% of the references must be from non-Internet sources, including books, journal articles, white papers, etc.

2.  No more than 10% of the references can be from Internet sources. (Internet sources must be professionally recognized.)


C.  Include the following in each annotation:


1. Two to four sentences summarizing the main ideas of the references.

2. Two to three sentences identifying:
a. Audience
b. Usefulness of topic to research

3. One to two sentences relating each reference to at least one of the following:

a.  Current issues in education

b.  Disparate points of view

c.  Diversity and/or range of student ability


D. Organize the annotated bibliography according to APA guidelines.


Note: Work must adhere to APA standards as referenced in the General Instructions.


Sample sites for resources:


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