answer following questions analytics

1) On your own words, compare Standard Deviation and Variance.

Provide an example using these two measures of data dispersion. Use your imagination to explain the nature of the sample, the value of the mean, SD and variance.

2) Using a recent YouTube campaign, food company “Albatross” claims that their product, a nutritional bar, contains more protein than their closest competitor. They claim that their product contains 2.027 grams of protein, or 3% more than the 1.968 grams of the competition’s bars. Both nutritional bars weight 14 grams in total.

This data is obviously uncomplete and misleading.

Using your judgment and in no more than 200 words:

(1) Explain what statistical information you would add to convince your costumes that your product contains more protein that the competition. Focus on the problem, protein content, not other components of the bar.

(2) Suppose that you belong to a consumer group and in order to test the claim of this company you go to several stores around town and take samples of Albatross and Dolphin bars. Describe which of sampling methods you would use in your study, and explain your choice and strategy to collect samples.

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