apa style paper 29

After you view the Influenza Outbreak scenario, write a one- to three-page paper that follows APA guidelines and addresses the following questions:

• What ethical issues can you identify in the influenza outbreak scenario?

• What is the conflict of interest in the scenario and how could it be mitigated?

• How would you ethically deal with this situation as a supervisor?

• What protocols or procedures would you implement to avoid future occurrence of the influenza outbreak incident?

Influenza Outbreak Scenario

News anchor: Hello and welcome. I am Maria Monroe reporting this special announcement to you live from our studio headquarters. We have just received news that a deadly strain of the influenza has taken the lives of 3,000 people nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Protection is urging everyone to take protect themselves and… (Voice fades into the background.)

[Phone Ringing.]

Sarah: Hello.

Male caller: Hi, Sara, I am so glad I caught you. This strand of the flu is alarming. The CDC has identified a successful medicine that we can use to protect first responders. Now, the supply is limited, but a rationed amount will be coming to your facility within the hour.

Sarah: OK.

Male caller: I know you are health department office is the custodian of medicine for the area, which means your facility with disperse the vaccine to covered emergency personnel.

Sarah: Correct.

Male caller: I wanted to get you up to speed as soon as possible so you can prepare for a smooth and efficient treatment process.

Narrator: As law enforcement personnel arrive for the vaccination, Sarah discovers the supply does not match the need. After some investigation, she finds our that several of the employees took the medicine intended for first responders without authorization, and gave it to their family members.

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