articles confederation

Prepare a 2–3 page paper comparing three similar provisions in the U.S. Constitution and the Articles of Confederation. Discuss how these provisions have served to make the federal government more or less responsive to the needs of the people.


  • Outline the major philosophical themes of the U.S. Constitution and the Articles of Confederation. 
  • Use specific references from the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution to support your position.


1 2 paragraphs



Federalism is the structure where two or more levels of government operate alongside each other with some autonomy, although they have overlapping jurisdiction and specific functions. During the formation of the U.S. Constitution, there were federalist and anti federalist arguments being made. Explain the concept of federalism; use specific examples of federalism and anti federalism in your posting.

Which group had the best arguments? Support your argument with examples. Incorporate some of the shifts that took place between both groups (federalists and anti federalists) to support your response.

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