Assessment Through the Lens of Palliative Care Paper




To integrate knowledge of palliative care concepts and generalist social work practice, please examine hot topics in contemporary palliative care research and practice and write a brief two- to three-page discussion paper. You are to choose one of the following four topics that have received considerable lay press and professional/academic attention:

  • The movement to change “palliative care” to “compassionate care” due to a perceived barrier to access;
  • Medical Assistance in Dying/Physician Aid in Dying
  • The use of alternative therapies (e.g., psychedelics, virtual reality, music medicine, etc.) in end-of-life care. Please note, you just have to select ONE alternative therapy to write about in your paper.
  • Palliative sedation

After choosing your hot topic, please discuss (sub-headings are allowed and encouraged):

  1. The hot topic through the lens of palliative care (e.g., What is the hot topic? How does this hot topic impact palliative care overall?)
  2. Why the topic is a “hot” topic (e.g., conflicting issues, ethical tensions, ideologies, etc.)
  3. What this hot topic means for social practice, and what the role of the social worker is as it pertains to the issue


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