Assignment: Nonverbal Language

Read the section of THiNK Chapter 3 (you can access this reading through your SmartBook link), which discusses Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah. Body language plays an important role in jurors’ perception of a defendant’s guilt. If this had been a trial, discuss whether the jurors should have been allowed to see Armstrong making his “confession,” or if a law should be put in place that sets the defendant out of the jurors’ view so as not to allow the ­defendant’s body language to influence jurors’ decisions.

Write a well-developed, research-based essay of at least 500 words that analyzes nonverbal language and the courtroom setting in order to answer the question of whether or not jurors should be allowed to see the defendant in a trial. Consider the roles of the prosecution and defense, nonverbal language, language manipulation or language games, and the use of rhetorical devices. Your paper should follow APA format. For APA resources and guides, visit the Resources section on the left-side Blackboard menu.

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