Attachment & Parenting


“Attachment and parenting”




The final assignment of the course is intended to integrate the theoretical knowledge you have acquired, with your field of work/interest.




Part 1:


You are required to choose a topic that interests you (e.g. ADS, language acquisition, pre-mature babies, orphans, foster care, temperament, etc’). Describe this topic and why do you think it is related to attachment.




Part 2:


Find three articles that are dealing with the topic you chose, in relation to attachment theory.  The articles you choose should be ones that were published after the year 2000.  For each article describe, separately, the main findings of the research, or the main issues raised by the writers (in case of non-research articles).




Part 3:


Integration of all the knowledge – in this section you should integrate the findings of the above mentioned articles.  Relate to the issued you raised at part 1.  For example: have the articles answered your questions? Are the findings of the 3 article consistent? If not – why? What do you think should be the next phase of researching the topic?


Lastly you are required to add a personal reflection regarding your insights into the topic you are interested in.






You should add a reference list with the three articles you found.  The list should be written according to APA regulation.




Please include as attachments the three articles as well..


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