Baumrind Parenting Styles Discussion Paper




The purpose of this activity is to provide you with a chance to explore Baumrind’s four original parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and rejecting/neglecting. For this assignment you will need to identify three different parents each with a different parenting style. These can be people whom you know or they can be fictitious parents from a TV show or movie.  If you are using parents from a TV show or movie you should watch an episode of the show or the movie.  For all three of your parents you need to:

Provide specific examples to justify their parenting style classification.

Discuss the positive and/or negatives associated with each observed style.

  • Discuss the typical child outcome for each observed style.
  • Identify the behaviors exhibited by children of these parents.
  • Discuss whether or not they match the parenting-style/child outcome connections described in the text.


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