BC Cognition Discussion




Please do not include any in-text citations. Use your own words for those questions. Your answers needs to go though Turnitin. For each question please provide around 250 words.

For these two questions, there should be at least two aspects to every answer you give – a description of your experience and an attempt to account for that experience using what you learned in class.(Related to the textbook which I will send you later)

  1. Choose A or B: A.) If you use images easily, do you use memory tricks (mnemonic devices) that involve imagery? Describe one. How does it work? Use either the dual-coding or relational-organizational hypothesis to account for the effects on your memory. B.) If you don’t easily use imagery, do you have mnemonics you use that don’t require images? How do they work?
  2. Have you ever used mental images to solve a problem, make a discovery or engage in abstract thought? Does your example lead you to support an analog theory, a propositional theory or both?

For the following 2 questions, just answer them in your own words

1. In 2015, a very rare condition called aphantasia was discovered. Aphantasia is the inability to form mental images. This is a link to a short BBC article (Links to an external site.) and an interview with a person who has aphantasia. If you’re someone who experiences imagery – what do you think it would be like to live without images? Think about what your memories, your imagination, your plans for the future would be like. What would change for you? If you don’t experience images, please share your experiences if you feel comfortable doing so!

2. We discussed the idea that the rules of language (how sounds are combined to form words which are combined to express meaning in phrases and sentences…) are largely implicit. This is almost certainly true for languages one learns in infancy. But what about second language learning?


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