Biopsychosocial Cultural Framework Questions




Cody moved to the U.S. from Mexico with his biological father 2 years ago. Cody has ADHD and ASD. Mrs. Rivera is his stepmother and has been his only parent since his father died in a car crash 6 months ago. A report from his preschool in Mexico indicated concerns about some of his behaviors, including an inability to pay attention, impulse control problems, and hitting other children. No assessment was conducted there because his father brought him to the states shortly after the report was issued. Cody’s pediatrician ordered due to ongoing impulse control problems and other behavioral concerns. Mrs. Rivera shared the report with you and the results showed that his EEG was abnormal She also told you that she is surprised that Cody cannot recognize letters or words written in Spanish, his first language.

Drawing from your readings this week (the attached files), write an essay describing how Cody’s evaluator could apply a biopsychosocial-cultural framework to his assessment. What biological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors must the evaluator consider when formulating ideas about his diagnosis? Explain how these factors would affect the assessment strategy.


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