book outline 3

1. Title, author, publication date of the book you selected and relevant information (has this author written other similar books? who is the author–journalist, professor, celebrity, etc.?)

2. Summary of book’s topic
3. In-depth analysis of book content (e.g. how did this book relate to our class? what regions did this book cover? how did the five class components –environment, globalisation/development, power/politics, urbanisation, population/gender — play into the book’s topics?)
4. What did YOU personally learn from the book?
5. Review: explain your thoughts and opinions on the book. Go beyond “I liked it” or “I did not like it”. Explain WHY. Provide details such as quotes, and back up your opinions with evidence. If you say “I did not agree with the author about this”, you must say why you did not agree with the author and provide sources you are using to dispute the author’s point(s).

The timeline for this assignment is as follows:

Wednesday, June 12th: Submit outline detailing which book you have selected and summarizing the book’s topic(s). This should be 1-2 paragraphs long, with a 1-page outline showing how you plan to lay out your book report.

the book is on to many people by ian angus, just a quick skim, doesnt have to be perfect and you dont have to read the whole book.

i can email you the ebook thanks

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