business Diss 5

People are increasingly making major purchases online. Computers are no exception and a number of computer brands are selling online. Each one is competing, not only with other online computer sellers, but also with traditional or “brick and mortar” retailers who offer computers for sale. In this Discussion, you will look at three online computer vendors such as Hewlett Packard®, Acer®, Apple®, etc. and compare what they offer.

Compare the competitors’ product offerings, prices, website ease of navigation, appeal, and use. Evaluate them for how well they promote their products online only and not based on any other promotions you might have seen from the companies elsewhere. After you have looked over the available computers on the three websites and compared them, answer the following:

  • In your opinion, which website does the best job of promoting their products to the online purchaser? Why?
  • Is the computer manufacturer that you selected, as being best at promoting their products, the same company you would buy from if you had to buy a computer? Why or why not?
  • In your response, make sure to provide a consideration of how well each website is able to provide value to the customer and in making sure that critical aspects of the entire Marketing Mix (the 4p’s) are addressed.
  • 150 words

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