business paper 58

This paper is going to be on a company and their cultural/diversity issues

For this, I have picked Amazon (lack of color and female employees)

Amazon employs approximately 600,000 people globally, yet diversity within the workforce of the company has become a real concern in recent years. About two-thirds of the management at the company is White. All five of Amazon’s top executives, including the CEO Jeff Bezos, are both White and male. Among the 48 top executives at the company, only 4 are women, none are African Americans and other minority groups are woefully underrepresented. Jeff Bezos claimed, in 2016, that Amazon was committed to making the company more diverse, yet by all accounts, the company has so far resisted calls to make good on its commitment. Amazon blames the disparity in their workplace on lack of required skills from the underrepresented groups.

The executive summary should have the following sections:

  • Introduction that previews what will be discussed.
  • Background of the company, who started it, what do they provide, who are the main figures of the company.
  • The cultural/diversity issue, what happened (be specific), who did it effect, how and why
  • The solutions the company came up with or should come up with, you need to evaluate their solutions and your solutions should be made to help the company fix the issue and prevent it from happening again.
  • Conclusion that recaps what was discussed.

4 page, single spaced, 12 TNR font, include a separate reference page in APA format (at least 5 major references, this does not count with the 4 pgs)

Write in standard paragraphs, integrating headings. Make sure the paper is business appropriate and you use headings, sub headings and if appropriate, bulleted lists (not much to waste space). Single-space the summary, with a space between paragraphs. Do Not include any unnecessary white space in between. Review the summary to make certain it can stand alone without further explanation and that it reads as a coherent whole. Each claim or fact should be supported by a reference

Please view the sample paper for better understanding (attached). Ignore the second page after the cover page. Also, the only critique of it is that there is excessive spacing and an excess of white space at times.

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