Given that you are rolling your services out in a foreign country, there will be a need to learn from other companies that are currently operating overseas. In particular, if a company can learn from others operating in the same region or location where they wish to operate, this can be quite helpful. What others have done to be effective and recognized by others can be viewed by their use of certain business practices. If we look at what others are doing and form a benchmark of key practices and procedures, we can learn from others as to what may work or not work in certain businesses, locations, situations, and services (and production manufacturing). Thus, this leads us to a very important area of research for this week’s assignment. 




Why is it important to consider benchmarking and best practices to determine the most cost effective and efficient means to operate in a country?


What if the regional traditional partners are required or encouraged by local governments but do not satisfy your quality standards?


Students should use reference material from course readings and outside sources when needed to strengthen your argument.


Complete your answers in a Word document with APA formatting and submit Assignment


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