C++ I/O (coding) -4

Create codes for the following problem/s.  Compile, test run, and edit them if necessary.  Include your original .cpp and related file(s) (if any) in a single folder.  Name the folder CIS110_Module_4.  Compress (zip) the folder and submit the single zipped folder.


2. Write a program that takes its input from a file of numbers of type double and outputs the average of the numbers in the file to the screen. The file contains nothing but numbers of type double srated by blanks and/or line breaks.


20. Write a program that prompts the user to input the name of a text file and then outputs the number of words in the file. You can consider a “word” to be any text that is surrounded by whitespace (for example, a space, carriage return, newline) or borders the beginning or end of the file.



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