camille has forgotten her locker combination she asked mr chen write it out her again and he

Camille has forgotten her locker combination. She asked Mr. Chen to

write it out for her again and he did, but Mr. Chen wrote it in code.

Mr. Chen’s note is printed below. Help Camille decode her locker


Circle the measurement in each column that

is not equal to the others. Write the number,

without the metric unit, on the blank

below each column. Find the sums and the

differences and you will soon have your

locker combination. Good luck!


1.5 g 4,000 g 37,500 mg

1,500 mg 400 kg 0.0375 kg

15 mg 4,000,000 mg 375 g

+ = right


16 mg 280 g 4,392 mg

1,600 g 280,000 mg 439.2 g

0.000016 kg 2,800 kg 0.4392 kg

+ = left


26,000 mg 291 kg 5.7 kg

26 g 29.1 mg 570 g

2.6 kg 291,000 g 570,000 mg

+ = right

The combination to Camille’s locker is .

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