Capella University Images from Organizational Theory Discussion




initial response to each question should be at least 250 words and must include two scholarly resources.

Discussion question #1

Organizations and service providers working for a common goal construct an image of their provision to the public. It may be utilizing visuals, graphics of unity, numerical data, et cetera. to provide an image that is understandable and approachable as well. Organization theory is vast and the use of different metaphors to explain the organizational information taps into the sociological and ecological network to enhance work. Using images from organizational theory, analyze National Alliance to End Homelessness and provide examples of how it reflects that image of organization and incorporates community collaboration.

Discussion question #2


Faith-based institutions may not be considered as reliable resources in program incorporation. However, the basic fact that these institutions remain solid community organizations, demonstrate a high response rate to crises throughout the nation and world, respond to needs for a longer period of time than organizations who respond only during an initial phase of a crisis, and share values and goals, lends to their credibility. Research has repeatedly demonstrated how individuals approach members of the faith-based environment with more trust and perhaps with more belief in solving problems than social and psychological experts. Authors such as Weaver, Flanelly and O’Connor have highlighted the tendency of individuals to initiate problem-solving opportunities with members of the clergy.


Read the article by Rogers. Utilizing one of your programs, discuss and evaluate the strength of service provided by a faith-based institution and evaluate their collaborative efforts and contributions to the program delivery provided. Provide one additional resource that challenges the positive role of faith-based programs in collaborative service provision (attched).


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