Capella University Personal Development and Training Discussion




Discussion question #1

Analyze and report on the article. Be sure you complete the following: Article attached below named “Evaluating the effectiveness of a training program that builds teachers’ capability to identify and appropriately refer middle and high school students with mental health problems in Brazil: an exploratory study”

Summarize the article’s important points.

How could you apply the information that you learned in this article to your current or future work situation?

Cite and reference your text and the peer-reviewed journal article in your initial post.

Include the journal article’s persistence link.

  • Discussion question #2
  • Think about your own experience working in your helping profession specialization. Consider areas in which you desired further training. Research possible resources or classes that could further improve your understanding of one of those areas. Below is a little about me as well as my CV attached.
  • “An experienced mental health professional with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health and social services industries. Skilled in evidence-based practices, psychological interventions/testing, diagnostic assessments, teaching, and psychological research. Strong clinical and research professional with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice.
  • I have predominantly worked in community outpatient and college counseling settings where I have focused on individual psychotherapy and psychological assessment with youths and emerging adults. I’ve trained as a psychodynamic and process-oriented therapist with a range of experience helping individuals with anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, low self-esteem, history of repeated trauma, and challenges related to emerging adulthood.”

With these thoughts in mind, address the following points:

Describe an area of your profession for which you would like further training.

Describe two resources that could help improve your understanding of the area of your profession that you described.

Explain how one of the two resources would likely benefit you personally, as well as how you could go about utilizing the resource.


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