case or against new orleans 6

The Case For, or Against, New Orleans

Sometimes one’s choices may involve catastrophic decisions and bear great risk and yet there can be no clear answer. For example, if a person gets a divorce,  Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Analyze the economics of New Orleans in light of the given parameters and develop a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) for rebuilding.


Evaluate the value of that CBA for each constituency and integrate these estimates into a scenario model and/or decision tree. Analyze the results.


Discuss the decision pitfalls to which constituencies may be susceptible and make a recommendation on how to alleviate those pressures.


Starting with the CBA, estimate the relevant expected utility for these parties.


Make a case for or against rebuilding the city of New Orleans. This should be an executive summary—be concise and brief. Include exhibits.


Discuss how social heuristics could be used to an advantage, both ethically and unethically, in making a case.


Estimate what percentage of the class was for, versus against, rebuilding and provide a confidence interval for the estimate.



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