CC Marketing Journal Paper




Journal Assignment

You will be expected to keep a journal, beginning February 21, of your observations of the marketing activities you are exposed to in your daily life. You must make at least three (3) entries per week for a period of five weeks ending, a total of fifteen (15) entries. The journal entries can include information on purchase decisions you make or you observe others make, ads you hear, read or watch or discussions you have about products or services. Each entry must relate the incident you observe to the concepts we are studying in class. You must tie each entry to a marketing principle, not simply describe, for example, an advertisement you might have seen.

Completed journals should be turned in on April 4 no later than 6:00pm and will be worth 20% of your course mark. Marks will be based on your ability to place a concept label on a purchase decision, advertisement or activity, explain the rationale for the label and link it to principles we have studied in class.

Sample Journal Entries

1 On February 22 I viewed a television commercial from Gallery 1 Furniture in Dartmouth. Gallery 1 states they now offer a comprehensive Five-Year Limited Warranty. No other furniture store offers a similar warranty.

In this high involvement type purchase, Gallery 1 does a great job of reducing consumer risk through strategies designed to reduce the consequences of failure in purchasing from Gallery 1.

2 On March 2 my boyfriend and I were talking about food seasonings. His brother recently moved to Nova Scotia from Texas and misses spicy seasonings. There aren’t any of the Texas and Louisiana style hot sauces he is used to available locally. If marketers and companies decided to extend distribution of products such as this to Atlantic Canada they would have to clearly define their target market in terms of lifestyle and demographics. The market in this region would probably be younger people who seek to in some way emulate the relaxed, southern USA lifestyle exemplified by New Orleans and promoted


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