CNDV 5312 Lamar University Group Cohesion Discussion




For this discussion, you will read the article by Tucker, Wade, Abraham, Bitman-Heinrichs, Cornish, & Post (2019) that discusses some factors that influence and predict cohesion among group members over the life of a group. Please respond to following questions:

  1. What was one factor about group cohesion that you found interesting from the article? Why?
  2. How does the role of the group leader affect group cohesion?
  3. How can you use the findings from this study in your future work with groups?

Include all references in APA format.

Citation: Tucker, J. R., Wade, N. G., Abraham, W. T., Bitman-Heinrichs, R. L., Cornish, M. A., & Post, B. C. (2019). Modeling cohesion change in group counseling: The role of client characteristics, group variables, and leader behaviors. Journal of Counseling Psychology. doi:


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