Cognitive Behavior Therapy Worksheet




Discussed a personal current event (life stressor) that has affected the client describe two feeling(s) or actual symptom(s) associated with their diagnosis (MDD). Next, continue by explaining and describing the therapeutic Intervention techniques (do not just use CBT or Motivational interviewing, strategies need to be related to receiving full credit) used in the session to help the client manage and reduce the current symptoms that were described. Finally, please elaborate on the client’s response to the techniques and how they benefited from the session, it can be a statement if needed. At the bottom of the note, please explain the therapist’s plan for the following session (this can be one sentence).Example:

1st sentence: ” Client reported feeling………..(list of symptoms of depression) because of ………..(life stressor) “.

2nd sentence: Therapeutic intervention strategies sentence should something like this, “Therapapist normalized client’s feelings by using active listening, reframing, (list of therapeutic strategies appropriate to the client, do not just list CBT or MI)…..”

3rd sentence: How the client benefitted from the session…

The plan for the next session should just be a sentence for example, “Therapist will continue to apply therapeutic techniques to reduce client’s symptoms of depression”



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