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Discussion #1- Intelligence

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Based on what you have read and your own opinions, do you think that our genes determine much of our intelligence? What are the implications? What should teachers, parents, and policy makers do with this information? Please note in the syllabus that there is a word count minimum, and you must have two posts per topic.

Kennedi BlankenshipJul 11, 2022Jul 11 at 12:10amManage Discussion EntryBased on what I have read, as well as my own opinions, I do believe that genes play a role in the determination of our intelligence. I believe that intelligence is hereditary and can be passed down from parent to child. However, that being said I do not believe that genes play too large of a role in determining our intelligence. I believe that some people have a natural inclination for a higher IQ just in the same format as I believe some people have a natural inclination for art, sports, or music. Intelligence is a spectrum, and I believe that the nurturing of those natural inclinations is what truly leads to their blooming. I truly believe that it is a good thing that many parental figures and school figures deliver assessments to grasp natural ability and then build upon that. If one child has what appears to have a higher intellect, I believe that it is the duty of those in charge of that child to grow this intellect in an environment in which it can be cultivated. This being said, I do strongly believe that the primary determining of one’s intelligence is the cultivation of intelligence from the aspect of nurturing. Even if someone doesn’t seem naturally inclined to something doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to become talented in that format. Passion and patience are massive aspects of achieving. Overall, I believe that our genes can determine some of our intelligence, but I believe that it is nurturing that truly sets someone up for success.

Makenzie SchottJul 12, 2022Jul 12 at 3:09pmManage Discussion EntryBased on what I have read, I believe that genes play a role in an individual’s intelligence, however; an individual can also learn and gain intelligence through experiences and other situations.

With this, genes can only provide so much intelligence for one. I believe that some of this is hereditary from the parents and also from past generations as well. I believe that one’s parents can bring viable information to one with their parents own genes. Yet again an individual’s parents’ genes can only do so much for them. I believe that one can  also gain more intelligence from nurturing experiences in life and also being plasticity in an individual’s daily life. For this topic it is the concept of nature vs. nurture because many people say one is  “born smart” meaning that they just are smart naturally or get their intelligence from their own parents. For higher individuals such as teachers, parents, etc. with higher IQ’s than those of younger age or with less IQ. These people provide experiences and situations that can help other individuals learn and grasp concepts to help them gain intelligence in life. Such as schools and also with  this generation now of technology many individuals are posting informational lessons for other people to gain more knowledge.

Elizabeth MirandaJul 12, 2022Jul 12 at 3:38pmManage Discussion EntryBased on what I’ve read and my own opinions I do think our genes play a role in our intelligence. With that being said I also believe that we gain intelligence through experiences and what we’ve been through in life we gain knowledge and intelligence every time we pick up a book every time we go through a different situation or an experience we constantly gain intelligence based on everyday life but I also do agree that our genetics play a role in our intelligence. jeans in my opinion play small role in our intelligence because they can only do so much they can only pass down so much intelligence from our parents from their experience and all of that. We have to go through life and experience things that help us grow in our intelligence. Like the concept of nature versus nurture. And that they argue if children are just naturally smart they’re born that way or on the other hand they get it from the jeans of their parents,

those are 3 of my classmate work they did for this assignment just to give you an idea but use your own words ……this is the 2nd part First, watch the following videos: Content Warning:  Explicit LanguageDiscussion Question:  After viewing the material from this week, what do you think about these gender reveal parties and their relation to future gender roles? How can future parents keep in mind the diversity of gender identity, and not just biological sex? Discuss the implications of raising children with or without gender. Discuss some of the gendered messages you may have received while growing up. Consider the impact these messages may have had on the development of your gender identity.

hey for part 2 i didn’t i was suppose to reply back to 2 other people post as well. can you repond back for me please …i got more assignments ill be posting soon  for you thanks Samantha OnyekwereTuesdayJul 19 at 3:24pmManage Discussion EntryA gender reveal party is really just the celebration of having a child. I think it is exciting and a way for the family to show their joy in the life they are about to bring into the world. At the same time, I don’t think they have to relate to future gender roles. As the child develops, then I believe it is important to pay closer attention to their gender identity. Biological sex will always be an important factor in any person’s life, especially for health reasons, but struggling with gender identity is a real thing. Gender identity is a topic that can lead to emotional and mental issues like depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, and so many more. Something that parents should keep in mind is that gender identity is not something that you can “fix” or something that needs to be fixed. Implications of raising children with a gender, as I said before, can be emotionally and mentally traumatizing. I couldn’t imagine having to consistently pretend to be something that I’m not, just to try to get approval from family, that you may honestly never get. Raising a child without gender, depending on where you live, unfortunately, can also be traumatizing. Not everyone is raised accepting the diversity of gender identity which turns into bullying in school settings, sports, friendships, etc. I grew up with three younger brothers, and because of that I grew up some what as a tomboy. Today, at 23 years old, I still am. Some gendered messages that I still receive from my parents are to dress more feminine, wear more makeup, look nicer, or get a more attractive body. These things most definitely destroyed my self-confidence, but at the same time, I just want to be myself. Clarica EstradaTuesdayJul 19 at 6:06pmManage Discussion EntryI see gender reveal parties as celebrations with families and friends to be a part of, yes in many cases parents are extremely excited for the reveal, but in all cases, parents just hope for a healthy baby. But also knowing the baby’s biological gender affects the baby gender role as many parents will buy things that appeal to that gender that the baby is biological assigned to, but hopefully the parents are open to the child making choices on toys and colors the child like when the child chooses what’s appealing to them. Parents should always provide a safe comfortable home where the child can feel free to talk to their parents and be comfortable being themselves. Let the children explore all toy options and clothing to and let them choice what makes them happy. Some implications about raising kids without gender is that some people are not as understanding and pass that impacted along to others and the child can be bully in school for being different just because some children don’t understand or see it as a problem depending on their environment and other factors. Growing up there was always someone saying you shouldn’t do that because you’re a girl and it’s not lady like or tell me I should try to dress pretty, and my hair should always be fixed nice. I was a kid I will just be playing, so that stuff never matter to me. These things did affect me growing up after time I started listening to them and tried to look “pretty” to please others rather than myself, till a few years ago when I decided to be who I wanted to be no matter who got mad as long as I was happy that’s all that mattered.

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