Columbia College Learning Strategies Essay




Experiment #2: Instrumental (operant) conditioning using reward only (due 7/17)

You will complete four different experiments that utilize different learning strategies that will be discussed in this course. For each experiment you are to identify a behavior that you would like changed. The behavior can be your own or someone else’s in your environment (spouse, pet, parent). After the behavior is identified, you will develop a plan to change that behavior using the specific learning principle for that experiment. You will implement the training procedure with your individual. The paper that will be turned in for credit will consist of a) identification of the target behavior, b) plan to change said behavior, c) how the plan was implemented in full detail, and d) the results of your attempts to retrain the behavior.

Experiments should be at least 2 pages long (not including a title page and a reference page, if applicable). This second project is on reward conditioning, so you should reward someone for a behavior that you want to see INCREASED.


Your response to the question below should be at least 200 words long.


Why does Socrates contend that the “just state” must avoid both wealth and poverty? Be sure to include how he defines the terms. If alive today, what might Socrates say about the existence of these two elements in our society today? (See pages 96-98.)

Your response to the question below should be at least 200 words long.

In Plato’s Republic, the ideal state has four important elements – wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice. Briefly define each of these and include some discussion of what injustice would involve. (Optional – What do you think about this construct and the intended consequence (rule by a few)? (See pages 104-109.)

Your response to the question below should be at least 225 words long.

Describe the three parts of the human soul (i.e., rational, spirited, and appetitive) presented by Socrates. In the just person, how are these parts related? What about in an unjust person? What sort of internal conflicts can be found in the soul? (See pages 115-119.)

Your response to the question below should be at least 225 words long.

Socrates contends that those in charge must ensure that children are only exposed to music, poetry and games that promote lawfulness and the established order. What, according to Socrates, happens when children are raised with lawless games, poetry, and music? What would he think about the context within which children are being raised today? Where are we doing well? Where might we be struggling? (See pages 99-100.)…


Write a brief essay (at least 2.5 pages, double spaced, 12-point font, and one-inch margins) responding to the prompt below.

Describe Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. How are people situated in the cave? For those that are shackled, what is the only thing they can see? What is their only source of light? How can people become unshackled? In our society, what might represent the shadows on the walls? The light? To what extent do you find Socrates point about human tendency to confuse “shadows” with “reality” relevant today? (See pages 186-192.)


Explanation & Answer:

2 pages
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