COM 201 Global Issues Discussion Paper




The topic is about global issues, and I will take detailed pictures for you. The following are the teachers’ suggestions for thesis writing.


As mentioned in class, I recommend following Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (1. Attention, 2. Needs/Problem, 3. Satisfaction/Solution, 4. Visualization, 5. Action) [see CH 16]

Begin with a strong INTRODUCTION that introduces your topic, your thesis statement, and provides a preview of the paper.

In your body, makes sure you dedicate time to establishing the extent of the PROBLEM/NEEDS. One suggestion is having 2-3 main points or claims about the problem.

State the need or problem explicitly.

  • Document the extent of the problem.

Who is impacted?

How are they impacted?

  • What are the consequences?

Why should we be concerned? Why does this problem matter?

  • In your body, make sure you dedicate time to explaining the SOLUTION/SATISFACTION to the problem. One suggestion is having 1-2 main points about the solution to the problem.

Explain how the solution works.

Show how the solution satisfies every need/problem

  • Overcome potential objections. What are the counterclaims?
  • Think of your solution as a global solution, efforts that are being made or have been proposed to address the problem. Do not confuse this with your action step which should focus on how we as individuals can be a part of the solution. Think of your action step as local.

The solution step is where some people like to include VISUALIZATION.

  • What would the future look like if we did not take up the solution?
  • Or What would the future look like if we did take up the solution?
  • In your body or conclusion, make sure you provide an ACTION STEP. Everyone needs to have an action step.
  • Make sure your action step is audience-centered (our class is your audience for this part) What should the audience do to adopt your solution?
  • Make sure your action step is clear, specific, and concrete. Break it down for us. Identify each step we need to take action on. Make sure we have enough information that we could fulfill these actions.


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