Common Assessment

10 papers’ essay including cover and reference…

Paper is about AT&T company… Everything that involve the company’s economy. You be talking about every single steps about AT&T and its function.  Below is the attachment of the syllabus…



Chapter 1 Introduction to class and Introduction to Microeconomics 

Chapter 2 First Principles, Tradeoffs and Trade 

Chapter 3 Supply and Demand 

Chapter 4 Consumer and Producer Surplus 

Chapter 5 Market Strikes back 

Chapter 6 Elasticity 

Chapter 7 Taxes 


Chapter 8 International Trade 

Chapter 9 Making Decision 

Chapter 10 Rational Consumers 

Chapter 11 Consumer preferences and consumer choice. 

Chapter 12 Inputs and costs 

Chapter 13 Perfect competition. 

Chapter 14, Monopoly 

Chapter 15 Oligopoly. 

Chapter 16 Public goods 

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