Community College of Baltimore County Gender Act Proposal of Choice Paper




Part Three of Applied Final Project, Role Reversals: Understanding Our Gendered Selves:

Library Research Assignment (20% of course grade; due end of Week 5), 850-1,200 words not including references.


A key aspect of any sociological study is conducting a review of the scholarly research that others have published that is related to the research topic. Previous research points to the key issues and findings that can inform one’s own research.  The purpose of this assignment is to identify previous scholarly research that can help serve as a basis for your final assignment in this course.

This assignment includes 3 parts:

Part 1: Performing the library search (to select two scholarly research articles)

Part 2: Evaluating Article 1

Part 3: Evaluating Article 2

  • Assignment Instructions
  • Please submit this assignment in a single MS Word document. Label each section (Section 1, Section 2, Section 3) and organize the assignment in numbered list format, rather than in essay format. Use complete sentences for all parts of the assignment, unless otherwise indicated.  Throughout your assignment, use APA-style citations (author, year) whenever you are referring to specific information from a source.
  • Section 1: Performing the Library Research

Summarize your proposed act in 2-4 sentences. It is fine to cut and paste from your Part 2 (“Playing with Gender Act Proposal”) submission.

Perform a library search by inputting keywords into Library OneSearch and narrow the results from there. For some helpful suggestions on choosing effective keywords, see the UMGC Library Guide at Limit your results to “scholarly journals only” and “full text only,” and set the dates so that all articles are less than 10 years old.

Upon reaching the search results page, use the sliding bar on the left-side column to narrow the “publication date” so that the range is 2011-2021.

Describe your search in a paragraph or two: Which terms did you consider? Which terms did you actually choose? How many results did you receive? What were your impressions of the results? Did you need to narrow your search? How did you do so? Are you satisfied with the results?

  1. Choose and provided full reference information for in APA 7th edition style (see two articles that meet the following criteria:
  2. Published within the last 10 years

Full text is available and accessible to you

  1. Published in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal (for guidance, go to:
  2. Clearly connected to both the Sociology of Gender and your proposed act
  3. Section 2: Evaluating Article 1

Read the article abstract. In a 3-6 sentence paragraph, explain why you chose this source. How do you anticipate it will help inform your project?

Read the introduction of the article. If there is no section labeled “Introduction,” read the first two pages. In one 3-6 sentence paragraph, answer the following questions: What additional information have you learned? Which specialized terms does this article use that you need to understand to fully comprehend its findings?

Skim the article. In a 3-6 sentence paragraph, describe how the author(s) conducted the study and how the data are presented (tables, figures, etc.). In addition, identify which parts of these data you think will be most important or interesting in connection to your project.

Read the “Findings” or “Conclusions” section of the article. If this article does not have a section called findings or conclusions, read the last two sections of the article or the last 3-4 pages. Choose two short quotes from this section (using quotation marks and citations) that summarize the findings or conclusions that you think are most important in connection to your project. In a paragraph, present those quotes and explain why you chose them.

Re-evaluate this resource. Now that you’ve spent some significant time with it, do you still believe it will be useful for your project? What is something new you learned by reading it?


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