– Compose Exploratory Essay Draft (Including Conclusion)Discuss your research to develop an in-depth exploration of your topic/research question.

Identify a topic, issue, or problem that interests you and write a 3-4 page essay* in MLA format that explores your subject and details your research experience. You must use at least 3 credible sources, including one scholarly source and one primary source, and your essay must have a finalized Works Cited page.Please note that for this essay, you are NOT arguing a point, picking a side, or convincing an audience. You are sharing your research story, which might include, but is certainly not limited to, a discussion of why you are invested in the subject you chose, an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your sources, a reflection of your research, identification of notably meaningful information you gathered, and/or an explanation of what you learned during your research.*The 3-4 pages should NOT include the Works Cited page

Requirements for Week 6:

Step 1 – Compose Exploratory Essay Draft (Including Conclusion)Discuss your research to develop an in-depth exploration of your topic/research question. Options for writing may include:

  • Explaining your research process
  • Summarizing and analyzing your sources
  • Walking your audience through your various thought processes/ideas
  • Why you chose to explore a certain topic or area within a topic
  • Why your topic/research is important and should be taken seriously
  • What you learned
  • How the information you discovered can influence a person or group’s perspective on your topic/research question

Everything is attached that was worked on before any questions please ask

Don’t forget to use your annotated bibliography and prewriting activity as references!! Remember to use proper in-text citations when you quote, paraphrase, or discuss an idea from a source!! Information on how to do this can be found via our Week 6: Course Materials

Download this Exploratory Essay Self Review Worksheet and answer all questions honestly and critically.

Step 3 – Revision:In light of your self-review, revise and finalize your exploratory essay.

Step 4 – Complete Works Cited Page:Create your Works Cited page, which will likely be based off of your Annotated Bibliography. Make sure all sources used to write your paper are included, and that any sources you decided not to use are removed.

this has to be  a 3 page essay i have attached all the work i done and at the end we must have a work citied page

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