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Submissions are due by Sunday midnight each week. The journal should consist of entries, informally written, containing the following items:

  • what you are learning about how to positively resolve conflicts
  • your thoughts on the concepts in the reading
  • how you might apply the concepts from the texts to your everyday conflicts
  • examples and applications
  • questions raised by what you read
  • description of conflict(s) that occurred during the week and how you handled it
  • description how you could use one or more of the concepts or skills from the reading to improve the outcome (or how you did use one of the concepts/skills that led to a positive outcome)

Grading criteria:

  • Understanding & application of concepts from reading
  • Depth of thought

Conflict Journal

  • The underlying assumption of the journal is that self-awareness is a prerequisite to effective conflict resolution. The journal allows you to organize and verbalize your thoughts, and to perceive changes and growth in your conflict behaviors. It also allows you to apply what you’re learning to real-life situations. Apply concepts of conflict resolution directly to your behavior.
  • Use the journal to reflect on your readings and/or class discussion topics. Pay attention to the everyday conflicts you encounter and observe. Reflect on situations at work and at home. Analyze your communication and refer to concepts learned in class to explain the causes and effects of your behavior. Tie discussions in class to things you experience or observe.
  • Keep in mind that the journal is a recording of your thoughts and insights on conflict and how the theories discussed in class really work in everyday communication. Entries are not meant to be polished essays, but something that is written freely. Don’t make this harder than it really is. The information you provide in the journal will be held in strict confidence, so be open and honest.
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