COVID 19 Vaccination Mandates Discussion




Discussion Board

Attached is an article regarding the COVID 19 vaccination mandates for health care workers. This hospital is choosing to defy the Federal Government executive order for the requiring vaccinations of workers in health care even after the mandate was held up by the Supreme Court.

A Covid-19 vaccine mandate won’t force staff at this rural Missouri hospital to get the shot, CEO says. It will make them quit (

After reviewing the article, discuss the following:

  1. Why do you think can account for the large percentage of staff at this hospital making the choice to not receive the vaccine?
  2. What some reasons why this hospital feels that they cannot require the vaccine and what geographical and managerial issues contribute those reasons?
  3. What could the hospital do if they wanted to require the vaccine of all staff and still maintain the level of care for the patients in this rural area


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