create an analysis of how external factors impact my organisation s business activities using an external environment analysis use the swot analysis model specifically 1

Request: Create an analysis of how external factors impact my organisation’s business activities, using an external environment analysis. Use the SWOT analysis model specifically. Below are instructions and relevant information.

Instructions: An analysis of how external factors impact on your organisation’s business activities, using an using a well known model or tool, analyse how external factors impact business activities. external environment analysis model or tool such as SWOT.

1. SWOT analysis model only.

2. Power point presentation format only.

2. One page maximum.

3. Five bullet points under each area of the SWOT analyses. No more or less then five points per area for a total of 20 bullet points.

4. Include detailed speaker notes in bullet point format consistent and organised according to the bullets in the SWOT analysis.

5. The SWOT should be based on the United Kingdom side of the company. (See below for more details)

6. Information on Brexit and how it will impact UK and US operations must be included in the SWOT.

Relevant Details/Information:

The company being analysed is a Untied States based company with an office and employee’s established in the United Kingdom.

The company employees roughly 500 employees in total with 100 of them being UK Employees.

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