Creation of logical database

Your Learning Team has been hired as database consultants for a start-up company that will stream movies over the Internet (similar to Hulu, Netflix, and others). The new organization requires one or more databases for Customer Information, Movie Information, and Supplier Information. At a minimum, the following attributes must be captured:


  • Customer: name, address, customer ID, credit card number and expiration, history of movies rented, “likes” (such as, genres, and movies the customer is interested in)


  • Movie: title, year, supplier ID (owner of movie), description of movie, statistics on movie rental frequency, rental cost


  • Suppler: ID, name, address, bank routing payment information



Create the documentation and databases for the following:


  • Logical design of the database(s)



  • Map the conceptual model to the logical model components.
  • Validate the logical model using normalization.
  • Validate the logical model integrity constraints.
  • Validate the logical model against user requirements.
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