creative writing 26

Assignment #4

Introduction to Creative Writing

DUE DATE: Thursday, November 21st (hard copy, typed, double-spaced, readable font)


Writing a Cento: Creative Homage to the Work of Other Writers

A cento is a creative composition comprised entirely of lines from other creative works. A cento may be written in enjambed lines as a poem or in blocked text as a work of prose. Regardless of genre, centos are a form of literary collage where a writer takes lines and phrases from other authors and arranges them in a new way to achieve a fresh effect. In a cento, you combine your study of found poetry and your understanding of literary emulation in order to create new work from old.

Requirements: Your cento must be comprised of lines/phrases that appear in our course text, The Practice of Creative Writing, and/or the various creative writing samples I have provided in class throughout the term. You must provide a title for your cento and feature work from at least 10 separate creative pieces you have read for this class, including both poems and prose. You must also include an endnote that lists the titles, authors, and page numbers of individual pieces referenced throughout your cento. If the text referenced is from a class handout, simply include title, author, and HANDOUT instead of a page number. You are not required to specify which lines come from which piece, only to index the sources used. You are welcome to include lines from outside sources in your cento if you choose (e.g. song lyrics, television or movie quotes, lines from literature you are reading on your own), but these should also be reflected in your endnote, and they must be included in addition to the 10 excerpts from course texts, not as substitutions for them.

Here is an example of a cento published in The New York Times.

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