Creative writing assignment on the 1920s (fictional letter)

*Two pages, double space, Times New Roman size 12. In letter format.

2.         *Writing topic:  write about what it must of been like to be a woman living through the 1920s. What must of it been like… become that woman, and choose a fictional name.

*DO NOT do any research. Do not, give me a paper as if you are Amelia Earhart or any historical women.


*I chose to do a letter to someone in this ficitonal woman’s life. The names I created are Clara Bradford and her husbands name is Donald Bradford. You will be writing the letter as if you were Clara to whomever… you can make a new character and add her husband in the letter or you can write to Donald… which ever you choose be CREATIVE. You don’t have to research anything about the 1920s; my teacher gave us notes and all he talked about was speak easies, prohibition, the economy booming, flappers, sex before marriage, how abortions became popular do to unproctected sex, and also how the women of this era hated the victorian era, and how women voting became huge, so with these topics you can create a made up letter to write to someone, but keeping in mind you are writing to describe how it was for women to live in the 1920s. This is all fictional other than what you are indirectly trying to describe. Also, the way they spoke in the 20s is different from how we talk now so you can look up their lingo and actually become Clara. Remember its in letter format and it is only 2 pages…no more than that.

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