Criminal justice ethics 300 word min Due with each one needing a peer reviewed sourcecited on DEADLINE 20 Oct

These Discussion broad topic are from the textbook Justice,Crime, and Ethics 7th edition



Discussion 4Options Menu: Forum

What are the dangers of accepting even minor gratuities such as free coffee/donuts, discounts, or free tickets to sporting/entertainment events?  Can the acceptance of gratuities contribute to more serious problems in policing (Chapter 6).

Discussion 5Options Menu: Forum

Is corruption and unavoidable result of discretion? Discuss your response in detail (Chapter 15).


Discussion 6Options Menu: Forum

Should suspects arrested/captured for terrorism is given their Miranda rights prior to interrogation? Where do you stand and why? (Chapter 21)



Extra Credit Discussion (Worth up to 3 Points)Options Menu: Forum

Is there any place for chain gangs and other harsh measures in an ethical corrections system? Why or why not? Give an example(s) (such as the tough Maricopa County Jail in Arizona, “Scarlet Letter” punishments, etc.   (Chapter 16)


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