CSU Marketing United Airlines Flight 3411 Case Study

Case studies provide an opportunity for you to critically analyze events that have taken place in real-life businesses. This develops your critical thinking and research skills as you research the situation with an end goal of formulating a recommendation for the challenges faced by the company.

For this assignment, review the Case Example 3.2 United Airlines Flight 3411 on pages 67–70 of the textbook. This case describes a problem exacerbated by social media and the attempt by United Airlines to quell misconceptions. Evaluate this case, and respond to each of the following questions using both theory and practical managerial thinking. Make certain to support your research.

  • What are the ethical aspects both from the standpoint of the passenger and the company? Remember to analyze both sides objectively.
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the approach used by the chief executive officer (CEO) in regard to the use of digital marketing tools?
  • How could the CEO have used the website to reinforce a more positive message?
  • What are some alternative actions that you would have taken in regard to using digital or traditional marketing tools in this situation? Be specific with respect to what digital marketing tools you are recommending, and provide the rationale for their use.
  • Thinking more broadly about how this event has changed the perception of United Airlines, how would you change aspects of the marketing mix to create a more positive perception through their digital marketing?


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