Cultural Snapshot Ethnic Background Essay





In about 1000 words (4-page main text, double-spaced word doc, with at least 8 scholarly sources), you need to objectively narrate a current issue (dilemma) that is related to your cultural background (ethnicity, identity, nationality, religion).

Use a minimum of eight scholarly sources to

a) introduce the topic ( use 1-3 scholarly sources)

b) describe specific phenomena based on scientific evidence (use 3-4 scholarly sources)

c) define a specific problem or raise a specific research question (use at least 1 scholarly source, e.g., stats, trends, research findings, etc)

d) offer solutions based on your scholarly research and provide a conclusion with a future direction (use at least 2-3 scholarly sources)

Add a representative picture to your culture story and share your scholarship to educate your peers. Your chosen culture story should show how culture (the one you identify yourself with) is changing and shaping the way humans in the 21st century for instance sleep, eat, walk, date, marry, raise children, communicate, dress, work, believe, feel, or age.


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