Dangers of Using Oral Birth Control Reflection Paper




Assignment 1 :

The purpose of this assignment is to help you plan out your final project. Specifically, you will be creating an outline of your final project throughout this assignment. Be sure to include the following information:

Rough Introduction: What is the general hypothesis? Why does this need to be explored? How has previous research addressed this (or failed to address this)? Define the scope of the problem/concern/issue, and make a strong case as to why your topic is necessary in the field of research. Be specific, be clear, and make it known exactly where you intend to go in the paper.

General outline for the body of the paper: Include information from your sources that “brings together” what we know so far about the topic. Be sure to speak about how these articles are helping you develop your own idea related to the topic. This section is nothing more than support for your ideas. It is recommended to have a cohesive list of ideas here, and which article(s) support that idea. Remember – DO NOT SUMMARIZE. DO NOT QUOTE. DO NOT ENDLESSLY REGURGITATE the articles. These are issues that will change the scope of the assignment into something completely different!

General conclusion: Wrap it up! Conclude your outline – this will help you plan a clear conclusion for your paper. Summarize key points, and state your hypothesis in a clear and direct fashion.

General things to remember: This is to help you create the final assignment. The final assignment is a portion of a research proposal. A research proposal is where you provide some background information and propose going forward to further test this area of research that is lacking. It cannot be written in first person, cannot include opinion/anecdotal information, and must include scientific research articles (journal articles). Other sources are not permitted.

Please write this up in DETAILED outline format. I do not want an essay in response – it must be a thoroughly detailed outline. Submitting four short sentences, for example, will result in a zero for this assignment. I expect meticulous detail.

Assignment 2:

Chapter 5, page 80, The Case of the Virtual Counselor Options Menu: Forum What are your thoughts about counseeling done via phone or Voom or computer? Because of Covid I understand; but, I’m very sceptical.

Assignment 3 : This reflection assignment will assist you in navigating material and gathering your thoughts for the upcoming reflection session. ALL of the prompts below should be answered to the best of your ability. Answers should be your original words, reflect a meaningful thought process and mastery of material.

Format: APA style (double spaced, 12 pt. font, times new roman). NO Cover page needed

Part One: People with disabilities and sexual assault

Please watch the videos in the BB folder for assignment 6

1. How do sexual scripts around disability contribute to people with disabilities being vulnerable to sexual assault?

Part Two: Birth Control

2. Both your book and the Combahee women acknowledge a “dark side to birth control”. What practice are they referring to and how would this practice complicate a women’s movement that indicates that birth control is empowerment for women?

Part Three: Virginity Myths

Please watch the videos and read article in the BB folder for assignment 6

3. How is the concept of virginity applied differently to men and women?

4. What is a virginity te and how might this be used to socially control a woman?

Part Four: Sex Work

Please read pg.310 in your text

5. What are the arguments for and against sex work being empowering to women?

Assignment 4: Part One: Rape Kit Backlog

Please reference the video posted in the folder on BB.

1. What does the rape kit backlog say about societal views on gender-based violence? Please apply the term structural violence in your answer.

2. Please give an example of how rape myths might prevent a survivor from getting legal justice.

Part Three: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Please reference the video posted in the folder on BB.

3. What are the pros and cons of tribes partnering with the federal government to collect data on and document cases of the missing and murdered women.

Part Three: GOVST and sexual assault policy

4. Try to find GOVST’s sexual assault policies and procedures on their website. How easy was this to find? What procedures should a person sexually assaulted by a GOVST student/faculty/staff follow? Can you find any preventative measures GOVST takes against sexual assault?

Part Four: Comfort Women

Please reference the video posted in the folder on BB.

5. What does reparations look like for Kim? What does this tell you about what survivors need to heal?

Part Five: My Lai Massacre

Please reference the videos posted in the folder on BB.

6. What happened to the Black Blouse girl? Why have we not learned about her?

7. Nigerian Feminist Amina Mama states, “The greatest threat to women (and by extension humanity) is the growth and acceptance of a misogynistic, authoritarian, and violent culture of militarism.” How does the story of Black Blouse Girl connect with this quote?

Assignment 5 : Part One: Birth Stories

For this part you can share your own birth story or the birth story of a consenting interviewee

1. A. How did you feel about yourself (body image, self confidence, self esteem) while you were pregnant?

B. What emotions did you experience during pregnancy? How did you manage any negative emotions?

C. What were your expectations of how labor and delivery and subsequently motherhood would be like?

D. How was your labor and delivery? If you delivered in a hospital, how did you experience the hospital

environment, hospital staff?

E. Did labor and delivery match the expectations you had while you were pregnant?

F. How did you feel about yourself (body image, self confidence, self esteem) during 6 months after your


G. What emotions did you experience during 6 months after your delivery? How did you manage any

negative emotions?

H. Have you shared your birth story before?

I. What has it been like talking about your birth story?

Part Two: What is a Mother

Please ask the following questions this week to 3 different people. Do not argue or debate. Record their answers and connect your mini data set to course material from this week.

2. A. What is your definition of mother?

B. What does it mean to be good mother?

C. Based on your definition of mother and good mother, does society owe a debt to people defined as


D. If so how might society show appreciation and support for people defined as mother?


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