Data Flow Diagram for Medical Center of DeVry Discussion

Data Flow Diagram for Medical Center of DeVry

Lab Overview


When a physician within the Medical Center of DeVry orders an outpatient radiology examination, the patient is asked to pre-schedule the examination at the hospital. The patient phones the scheduling department and provides demographic and insurance information, the name of the test to be performed, and the provisional diagnosis from the order sheet the physician has provided. The scheduling clerk inputs this information into the patient file and assigns a date and time for the procedure from the radiology schedule file.

When the patient arrives for the radiology appointment, the registration clerk checks the patient and schedule files, and checks in the patient. The schedule file is updated and an encounter record is created for the patient and filed in the encounter database. Once the patient has undergone the examination, the radiology technician updates the schedule and encounter database. When the radiologist evaluates the examination data, the encounter database is updated with the examination report and diagnosis.VISIO software


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