dbm380 homework

Need help with DBM/380 Homework The following assignment is based on the database environment chosen and created in that last request


Your database project must meet the following assessment requirements:


Design and develop a database using professional principles and standards.
Provide a logical and physical design of the database.
Use relational database software application to develop database.
Provide an entity relationship diagram.
Normalize the database.
Generate and provide test data.


Use a Microsoft® Visio® diagram to normalize the ERD to third normal form (3NF).


Use the Microsoft® Access® database that you just created for me, create a minimum of 10 rows of test data in each table. Also, create at least one query that joins two tables and returns values from both tables.


Note. Only the Microsoft® Visio® diagram must be normalized to the 3NF. The 3NF is not required for a Microsoft® Access® database.


Submit the ERD and final database.

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