De Anza Health Care System in US To Be Fundamentally American System Questions





Short AnswerChoose 3 of the following 4 questions to respond to. Your answers should be 1 paragraph each (approximately 3- 7 sentences).*Note: Your grade for these questions will be based on the accuracy of youdr answers.1) What does it mean for the health care system in the U.S. to be a “fundamentally American” system?2) How does socioeconomic status affect health? Include the following two terms in your answer: “poverty” and “socioeconomic (SES) gradient”.3) How, according to Rebecca Onie (from the Health Leads video), can we change health care in the U.S. from a “sick” care system to a “health” care system?4) What is the “weathering hypothesis”? How does “weathering” help us understand racial disparities in health? Section 2: Short EssayChoose 1 of the following 2 questions to respond to. Your answers should have a clear thesis statement, and you need to provide evidence supporting your thesis, using examples from readings and lectures (including videos and other materials), when applicable. Your answers should be 3-5 paragraphs each.*Note: Your grade for these questions will be based on the accuracy of your answers, the clarity of your thesis statement, and the appropriate and effective use of examples to support your thesis.1) Research has found that social relationships are an important determinant of health. In this essay, explain how social relationships affect people’s health. Include explanations of three of the mechanisms by which social relationships positively affect health. Also provide examples of how social conditions can produce social isolation among vulnerable populations such as the elderly, and what the implications of social isolation are for health. 2) The immigrant health paradox can be thought of as an exception to the dominant model for understanding the SES-health relationship. In this essay, explain the term “immigrant health paradox”, as well as two hypotheses that researchers propose for why this paradox exists. Also explain why researchers believe the health of Latino and Black immigrants deteriorates over time (across generations).


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